Workshop Venue

The CLAS 2105 venue will be the "main conference room" of the Laboratori Nazionali del Sud (INFN-LNS) of Catania.

The INFN-LNS are located in Via Santa Sofia n. 62, near the University Campus.
Working Groups Parallel sessions will take place in the University of Catania. INFN-LNS is one of the four national laboratories of the Italian Institute of Nuclear Physics and it represents an advanced development center for technology and instrumentation.

About 150 people (Researchers, Technicians, PhD and Diploma students) are currently working at the laboratory.
At INFN-LNS two particle accelerators are available: a 15 MV Tandem Van De Graaff and a K800 Superconducting Cyclotron.
Research and development of new technologies are typically applied to different scientific fields like Nuclear Physics, Medical Sciences, Photonics and Cultural Heritage.

How to reach the Workshop Venue

The Workshop Venue is well served by the public transportation. The BRT1-bus is a convenient public transport for reaching the venue from the city centre in about 20-25 minutes (dependig on the traffic).

A map of the BRT1-bus line is reported here.

The BRT1-bus to the CLAS 2015 venue can be taken at stop "Piazza Stesicoro" (Stesicoro Square) or at the stop "Bellini" in downtown (see the map).

The bus stop for the CLAS 2015 venue is "Cittadella Ovest", at the University campus. The main gate of the INFN-LNS laboratory is alongside the one of the University campus, at less than 50 meters from the bus stop.

The frequency of the BRT1-bus is about 7 minutes from 7:00 to 15:30 and 10 minutes from 14:30 to 21:00. The ticket fare for the bus travel is 1.00 €. Bus tickets must be bought before boarding the bus (at news-stands or tobacconists) and must be stamped upon entering the bus.

The bus stop to return to the downtown area is "Cittadella Est". Alternatively, since the BRT line is a one-direction circle, participants can use the same BRT-bus stop of the arrival for reaching downtown. The journey of the BRT-bus is completed in "Piazza Stesicoro" (Stesicoro Square).



Important Dates

15 2015 Jan

Standard registration begins

17 2015 Feb

On-Site registration begins

17 2015 Feb

CLAS 2015 begins

20 2015 Feb

CLAS 2015 ends

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